Welcoming myself to blogland

When it comes to technology, I break out in a cold sweat.

It wasn’t so bad when I was in the paycheck world. At the newspaper, I could trot back to the Tech Room and say, “My computer’s not working.”

If that was met with indifference, I would up the volume of my voice, injecting the right amount of anxiety.  And I would stand there until I was assured someone with tech savvy would follow me to my desk.

Now, when my computer is not working, I’m more likely to go out in the garden and chop down lilac seedlings. It’s more satisfying and I know what I’m doing.

But enough people nagged me to start a blog that I decided to jump off Facebook for a moment and try it out. Thanks mostly to Jennifer Elliott who steered me to this web site and said she would help me. I decided to see if I could do it for myself. Sometimes, Jennifer, I just need a kick in the computer keyboard. (But I still can’t get the pictures out of my camera into the computer. That’s a problem for another day and will probably require chopping down many more lilac seedlings.)

Back in the paycheck world, I wrote a column once a week. My editors wanted me to blog. I couldn’t really see what the difference was and I actually started a blog and then never wrote anything on it. When I would visit it occasionally, there would be questions from readers on it that had gone unanswered for weeks.

That’s a bad way to blog.

But nobody is requiring me to do this and since I will not be turning in a quota of stories every week, I can probably remain faithful to this blog. I can’t pledge undying love but I will pledge to write, write, write.

Much of what I will write will be just like the column I wrote for the La Crosse Tribune. The main difference will be there will be no editors getting in between me and what I want to write.

After 36 years I will confess I mostly don’t like editors. I’ve had a few  very good ones — Larry Olson and Terry Shelton come to mind. They didn’t want to change my writing. They just wanted to make sure everything was spelled right and the grammar made sense.

Other editors messed up my copy, chopped out portions of my carefully crafted prose without bothering with transitions, and generally tried to tell me what to write.

They  could do all that because I got a paycheck every two weeks.

No more paychecks, so no more editors.

For years, as a reviewer, I took my lumps from the public. I was called many things, most of them not affectionate. My plan is not to write things on this blog that will elicit that kind of response.

What I will write are my adventures in gardening — not much in bloom thanks to sparse rain; my attempts at homekeeping — I’m no Martha Stewart though I like her magazine; and my fascination with auctions and all things vintage.

I find myself, then, in Geriland, a place that existed only in my mind while working at the Tribune. I was the mayor and if you got your information to me on time and complete with who, what, when, where and how, you were an honored citizen who got your news published in the paper.

Well, Geriland is now open for business. Welcome, citizens.


5 thoughts on “Welcoming myself to blogland

  1. I am a citizen of Geriland where you are mayor for life. Perhaps queen would be a better title. Go forth and write and I will look forward to reading your literary works. Therese

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