Good housekeeping? Perhaps not.

I have always been a fan of Martha Stewart.

Well, mostly the pre-jail version of Martha. I didn’t like her revamped show much but I’ve always liked her encyclopedia-like knowledge of everything from lilacs to cooking a lamb roast. I know she has a crew of people doing the researching, making the roast, and trimming the lilacs. Still, it seems to me if she had a free weekend she would be doing all of that and more.

Though I revere all things Martha, I haven’t soaked up much of her home keeping savvy. When she shows the television audience how to make a bed it looks barely mussed, as if she just pulled back the covers so she could demonstrate how to put the bed back to rights. When I roll out of bed, it looks pretty much as if wrestlers staged a match there the night before.

Still, Martha is always foremost on my mind when I encounter a house cleaning dilemma. So when I spent a couple hundred dollars to replace a leaky bathroom faucet, imagine my dismay when the slimmer profile of the new faucet set revealed encrusted hard water deposits that refused to be banished. I set my sister Mary Jo (my personal Martha Stewart) on the hunt for a solution, but baking soda and vinegar, lemon juice, and even CLR could not banish the hard water deposits.

Instead of Martha, I should have been thinking of Norm from This Old House, because I finally resorted to the tool box, pulling out a putty knife which proceeded to demolish that hard water build up like nobody’s business.

I’m so pleased with the results that I might actually bust out the Swiffer I bought two weeks ago and do some actual cleaning.

Or maybe, because it’s a beautiful day, I’ll just go back to the garden and pull a few more weeds.



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