At the auction

Cocooned in the cool of the car’s air conditioning, I think I can accomplish anything.

I will stay to the end of the auction, I tell myself, and I will fill the car with great finds. Other people stand around in the heat and proclaim it to be a very good thing. Ah, at last, summer. In fact, the other auction goers look tanned and healthy and well rested. After five minutes, I am beet red, sweat,y and am contemplating a nap in the cool of my air conditioned house.

Why am I doing this, I ask myself. Oh yeah, because it’s fun.

And so I set out to have some fun.

Luckily, it took only 45 minutes to have that fun on this sweltering August day. And at the end of that 45 minutes, with buckets, pails, baskets, blankets, pillows and a canister set filling the car, I declared the 92-degree day the winner and yielded the field to my bidding opponents. No more clearing the table, no more lamps for a dollar.

I hauled home my treasure trove, stumbled over to the fan, and collapsed in a victorious heap. I came, I saw, a bought as much as my car could easily hold.

That’s a good day at the auction.



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