What’s in a routine?

My sister-in-law Pat, who also retired this summer, just posted on facebook that this is the first time in 56 years she’s not going back to school.

As much as we all dislike some of our routines, I guess we need them. Without them, we are likely to read until 1:30 a.m. (didn’t quite finish the book), loll around watching HGTV (nothing good on Mondays), and putter around in the garden (too hot today).

I used to rush home on my hour lunch hour and accomplish things. I’d throw in a load of wash and hang it on the line to dry before driving back to work.  Today, I didn’t get the wash on the line until nearly 2 p.m. My excuse? I don’t have a set lunch hour anymore and I’m not trying to squeeze in projects. That means some days I don’t accomplish much.

Once I realized what a layabout I was, I set the sprinkler to water my parched gardens, finished off a painting project, and set about repairing a coffee table. I’m actually happiest when I’m puttering so it shouldn’t be too difficult to change my lazy attitude.

Still, I look forward to some cold January morning when the neighbors are shoveling at 6:30 a.m., knowing I won’t have to go out and deal with that chore until noon if I have nowhere to go.

Now, that’s retirement.


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