Home again, home again

I spent a long weekend in the Twin Cities sitting in the rain while my sister and I held a flea market in her yard. Now I’m glad to be back home.

There’s just something about the Twin Cities that spells trial and tribulation for me. I don’t like the traffic, I’m away from home (which I don’t like), and it’s too hard to rally a crowd of people.

In La Crosse, the mere mention of a sale sends the ravening hordes out to pillage and plunder neatly displayed second-hand treasures. I really did find the home of my heart when I landed in La Crosse because rummaging is hardwired into my DNA.  There’s just something about an item with a past life that speaks to me. Not for me the shiny bright and new. I much prefer tarnish and patina and lots of rust. Good thing because all that age is pretty darned affordable.

I was so tired when I got home I didn’t even unpack my car. I just strolled the garden, seeing what surprises awaited and then caught up on reading the paper.

Now, I’m heading out to the garage to sort and stack and toss out so that I can get ready for my own sale the first weekend in October. More on that later.

I’m in the process of unbuilding an old Singer sewing machine cabinet. There are many great parts to these old cabinets, including the legs which can be transformed into a mighty fine table. But I also like the drawers and some of the interesting metal parts. So onward to tinkering.

I hope your day includes a little junk, a lot of joy and some rummaging around. Mine will include all three.


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