Warming up

I am so ashamed.

Dad must be rolling over in his grave.

Yes, I’ve turned on the furnace.

For decades, I have had a deadline of Nov. 1 as the earliest I will turn on my furnace. But retirement must have weakened me. I am at home all day now and when the thermostat started drifting down into the 50s, I just couldn’t put on enough clothes to stay warm. And on Saturday, I spent most of the day on the sofa wrapped in a quilt watching TV.

The final death knell to fall came at 7:15 a.m. today when I scooted across the frigid floor to check the thermostat — 53 degrees. And the predicted high today is 51,

Since I always buckle at 50 degrees anyway and this week’s forecast has highs in the 40s, I reached my cold creaky fingers to the thermostat and punched “heat.”

I had been watching Trisha Yearwood whip up her daddy’s homemade biscuits on the FoodNetwork so to celebrate the demise of my pioneer spirit, I popped a pan of my own biscuits into the oven. It’s kind of a secret recipe. But twist my arm and I’ll give it up — Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

The temperature in the house  has already climbed to 59 degrees as I type this and the oven timer just dinged. So to all of you who are still holding out, I salute you with a cinnamon roll or three and a tall glass of milk.


4 thoughts on “Warming up

  1. Its okay, our furnace has been on and off for a couple of weeks, and remembered you are “retired”. You can do whatever you want when you are “retired”. No sense in having goose bumps when all it takes is a flick of the thermostatdt and nothing is nicer than eating some great taste Pillsbury goodies snuggled up with milk on a cold October morning. Me, I would be eating the Pillsbury rolls and having a nice fresh cup of coffee. Since I didn’t have this great breakfast meal today I settled for a cup of Café Vienna International Coffee, my everyday drink starter. I do have a nice warm blanket on my lap, Oliver, my Yorkie is snuggled by me, Bob is sleeping in the chair and Archie is on his lap. Good start to a gloomy Sunday a.m. Time to get ready for church………..hope sun shines this afternoon.

  2. I never understood holding off for a date on the calendar to turn on the furnace or the air conditioner. When I’m cold, I’m cold and it’s time to turn on the heat. It is your home and you should feel the most comfortable in it. Enjoy the toasty warm feeling!

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