pioneer woman

I think I’ve been watching too much “Pioneer Woman” on the Food Channel.

I haven’t made anything she’s demonstrated yet, mainly because she uses such vast quantities of beef, butter and cheese that I’m expecting everyone on the ranch to keel over from a heart attack any day now.  I know she’s feeding her husband, four kids, and Cowboy Josh, but it seems like she must spend about $100 on ingredients for every meal. Life must be good on the ranch to afford those kinds of heaping helpings of everything.

Still, she does instill the pioneer spirit so I found myself rummaging around in the basement today for an old pillow made of ticking. I wanted to use itto  make a purse, which means I had to empty it of feathers.

Funny thing about feathers, they just go where they want to go. No matter how careful you are, they go everywhere. I vacuumed and swept and washed and I still walked out of the house with feathers sticking to me.

Anyway, I managed to make the purse to replace a jean purse I’d been breaking in for seven or eight years.  I finally broke it in so well that coins were falling out of the holes in the denim. That’s the thing about a purse, when you get one you like, you don’t want to give it up. I’ve made two other purses, bought a few purses, and I keep going back to my old jean purse and patching it up..

So using that beloved but tattered purse as my pattern, I went back to the sewing machine to see if I could duplicate its perfect size and shape.

I’ll have to wear it over my shoulder for a few weeks to figure out if we’re a match. But at least it didn’t cost me hundreds of dollars. In fact, it cost me nothing but a frustrating morning chasing down runaway feathers.

Well, OK, the feather chase is ongoing. I just hope the purse lasts as least a long as the feathers linger.


I don’t think pioneer women had these kinds of problems.


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