Pepper the pot

I hate pepper.

I dislike many things, but I hate pepper, and pepper seems to be everywhere these days.

I used to just ignore pepper.  My mom didn’t use it when she cooked and I never went for the pepper shaker following the salt shaker.

Yes, it would be more healthy to hate salt, but that’s not how it worked out for me.

My pepper peevishness is escalating because nowadays pepper seems to be everywhere.

The spoon roast I would love to buy and cook at home has been peppered before packaging.  Check that off my list.

The cherry pork tenderloin from Door County I so eagerly anticipated came out of the oven quite a surprise. It had been doused with pepper.

I also don’t like peppers — a vegetable that is nothing like the spice. What, we couldn’t find one more word to differentiate these two things I dislike?

Pepper is pungent and I don’t need more pungency in my life. I need more sweetness.

Guess that means it’s time for chocolate.


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