Under cover

The car is in the garage.

That is no small feat, considering that just a month ago my garage was set up like a living room complete with carpet.  That was for my vintage sale and I’ve been cleaning up from it ever since.

Today, when I discovered ice on the car’s windshield at 11 a.m., I decided had to finish the job of racking and stacking so the car could reclaim its rightful spot of shelter.

It wasn’t easy, and along the way to muscling my bike onto a bike hook, I actually ripped the entire hook system out of the wall. So the bike is just parked, taking up a tiny bit more space than intended.

In front of that, tables and chairs are stacked to the ceiling. An assortment of garden carts and wagons hold treasures that will go back out to decorate the yard in the spring.

Farewell fall. You may give us a few good days yet. But the furnace is on, the car is in the garage, and the shovel is ready to do its duty.

That’s my definition of winter.


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