What am I bid?

“One now, two now, bid; one now, two now, bid …”

The sing-song chant of the auctioneer floated across the crisp autumn air on a day with blue skies and a carpet of freshly fallen maple leaves.

Is there any better place to be on a sunny November day than at the auction? I can’t think of a better one.

When there’s a slight bite to the air and the less adventurous stay home, there are bargains to be had. And there’s no sweating as I haul rusty treasures to my trusty Yaris. It should be a trusty truck, but I make do and stuff that Yaris to the gills. It is always surprising how much pops open when I open the hatch at home.

If this November day was perfect, the next day is more like the November we expect in these parts. There’s a cold, misty drizzle that increases to rain throughout the afternoon. But this time, I’m bundled up and headed to Vernon County and the city of Viroqua where there are two auctions, an estate sale and an open house at the flea market.

I make it to everything but the flea market, starting out with the estate sale which is offering half price on its last day. I buy a few things in the house and then strike gold in the garage. “Make a pile,” says the genial lady running things in the garage, “and I’ll make you a deal.”

I pile $14 worth of merchandise on the table, wondering how much lower than $7 I can get her to go.

“I’ll take all this depending on the deal,” I tell her.

“How about $2,” she says.

“That is a deal,” I say with a laugh and gladly fork over two George Washingtons.

Then it’s off to the auction where I find tables, lamps, casters and a very nice pulley before taking my soggy self home.

It was a good day at the auction and the estate sale. I hope Wisconsin offers me a few more chances to hang around outside as the auctioneer chants, “One now, two now, bid …”

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