Slow down

By anyone’s definition, except the calendar which insists on Dec. 21, it is winter here in the Coulee Region. We’ve got snow, we’ve got cold, we’ve got wind.

But we don’t have our winter driving habits in place.

Like everyone else around here, I’m used to barreling down the road about 5 mph above the speed limit. But it’s time to dial it back to a slow crawl. Most of us have forgotten how long it takes to brake on snow-slick streets and we’ve left the skid marks to prove it. This is something we evidently have to re-learn every year.

If there were no signal lights or stop signs and no other drivers, we could probably get by with this kind of reckless driving. But since we’re not alone on the streets, we need to stop driving as if we are. We live in Wisconsin, not Alabama, so let’s drive accordingly.

Heck, drive less is my motto. The car never left the garage yesterday, even though I cleared the driveway. After shoveling again today, I’ve decided the car can stay right where it is. My only errand will take me six blocks from my house, which can double as my walk for the day.

So bring it on, Winter, we’re almost ready for you.



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