(Not) Shopping at the Mall

I went to the mall again.

For someone who had not been there in years, this is a pretty big deal. But since I was making another trip to Barnes and Noble, I decided I would take the advice of a friend and venture out into the mall proper and do a mall walk. Three times around, she said, and I would log a mile and a half.

So having no luck in the stacks, I took to the tiles and started my circuit, stopping almost immediately to drop coins in the Salvation Army bucket in front of Penney’s. Because I had promised myself to always contribute when passing a red kettle, I was glad I’d loaded my pockets with coins.

My first mistake was going in the afternoon the week before Christmas. There were too many people, which likely pleased the store owners but was annoying to someone trying to dodge the slow-moving traffic. And to the couple who standing in front of a store, saw me coming and stepped out in front of me and stopped, what were you thinking? I wanted to just mow you over but because I was filled with the Christmas spirit, I merely scowled and walked around you.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but Santa and his elf, walking at such a fast clip that I couldn’t catch him before he made it back to Santa’s Village to pose for photos.

That brought me around a second time to the red kettle and I dug out more coins before continuing my mall walk. And then it truly was a Christmas miracle because I saw an Amish woman with baby standing in front of Payless Shoes and I wondered, did she take advantage of the buy one, get one for half price? And were both pairs black?

I rounded past Penney’s and assured the bell ringer this was my last time contributing before dashing around the mall for one more circuit and back out to the parking lot.

But the Christmas miracles kept happening because I ran into another Amish woman at Woodman’s and she had Honeycomb cereal in her cart. For the rest of my shopping trip, all I could think about were little girls in bonnets chowing down on Honeycombs instead of oatmeal.

I think it will be a while but for a venture to the mall again. Without Santa and the Amish, what’s the point?


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