I’m not the retiring sort

With the buzz of Christmas past, I decided to get some things accomplished. So I sent out some overdue Christmas cards with actual messages written in them, paid some bills, and balanced my checking account.

OK, it didn’t balance. But I actually did addition and subtraction and arrived in the neighborhood of the figure the bank says I have, so I’ll settle for that.

And then I did something I’ve been putting off for eight years– I joined AARP.

Yep, I figure since I actually am retired, I may as well join the rank and file of the retired folks. For the first time as an adult, I’ve actually joined a political group. They may not bill themselves that way, but that’s what they are. With all of us Baby Boomers demanding our Social Security checks, reasonable health care and everything else old folks want, I figure AARP is where all the action is nowadays. We’re old and we’re bold and we’re not going to shut up until we get what we want.

I guess I’ll find out what we want when the first newsletter arrives. Until then, I’ll just keep trying to reconcile my check book. I’ll probably actually be eligible for a Social Security check before that happens.



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