Finding my happy place

This year, I’m determined to find my happy place.

I used to know exactly where that was. Sitting in the darkness of a theater, preparing to write a first night review. Walking through a local home, taking notes so I could share some of the great ideas the homeowner had incorporated. Walking through a garden, jotting notes about herbs and roses and perennials and gasping in delighted wonder when presented with a flower I had never before encountered.

And, yes, at the keyboard, where I brought all those notes together in a story that I shared with thousands of readers.

I can honestly say being a reporter was my happy place.

In retirement, I am still trying to find the perfect happy place, but it takes time to settle into a new rhythm, new enthusiasms, and new places to go to find the same joy that reporting gave me.

The best example I have of someone who has found her happy place is my sister Therese. She spent New Year’s Eve and is spending New Year’s Day and night moving into new booth spaces in a Twin Cities antique shop. Whenever life gets her down, she goes to the shop to fiddle and re-merchandise all of the wonderful antiques she can’t squeeze into her home.

Like most antique dealers, she ended up with a booth in a shop when she had to do something with all the excess merchandise she had acquired over the years. And because we are sisters and best friends and we share one brain, she has pulled me along for the ride.

I don’t know if this is my new happy place, but it comes close. I have always been an auction junkie so I was in much the same position as Therese, but instead of getting a booth at the antique center I just started holding annual sales to clear the garage and basement so I could buy more.

But some of my happiest times are talking on the phone with Therese as we describe our new finds, how we fixed them up, and where we will put them in the house — or, yes, in the next sale.

So this is the year I’m going to fine tune exactly where my happy place is. Maybe it’s a lot of places — the auction, an estate sale, or one of many local garages at a weekend sale.

If you don’t have a happy place, make this the year you find your own. In a mean, nasty world it’s important to have a happy place.



One thought on “Finding my happy place

  1. Yes, that happy place, I have looked for that since when I retired. Being a person that needs new stimuli about every two years or so, I decided one day to buy an antique store, that was fun for about 5 years, but then a girl friend came into my life, that was ok, but didn’t seem to take me to a happy place, so that ended after about one year, first I was sad, but then running store again and estate sale, little bit of a happy place feeling, and then discovering my artistic talent of sculpting and handbuilding pottery. Now that still makes me happy and has me in a spot of continual learning. I developed my pottery obsession with handbuilding first, then finally learned the pottery wheel, which I found to be boring, then the big one, sculpting is my passion and I think it will continue to be my happy place. Also, taking on a new home in Arkansas for a winter retreat that needed someone to give it TLC. Its a nice place, seems to be a happy place as there is lots to do there and it is quiet……….no hussle or bussle. That’s nice, and leaving for there tomorrow. Have my pottery stuff in tow, and got my furry friends along, and cant forget the person that makes all my happy places for me, Bob, yes Bob he is the best happy person I know. So retirement, is a time to find that happy place, takes some time to find, some never find it. I recommend trying to find it……….it is out there for everyone.

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