Stay-at-home retiree

One of the best things about being retired is getting up in the morning, looking out at the wind-driven snow, and deciding to go nowhere today.

Of course, the next best thing is that my first glimpse of the snowy day was at 8:30 a.m., two hours later than when I was slogging to work through the snow. I had to build in time to shovel before I left for work, an extremely rude way to begin a day. Now, I can shovel at any time and finally did convince myself outside around 10:30 a.m.

My task was made easier by living next door to the best neighbor in La Crosse, who ran the snowblower across my sidewalk and down the shared part of the driveway before he left for work — long before I had left my cozy bed. Thanks, Doug.

The bad thing about being retired and deciding to go nowhere is that I’m caged inside the house with all that needs to be done. So,  yes, I did scrub the stove top and removed all trace evidence of my bad cooking experiments. And, yes, I did wash the dishes that had been sitting in the sink for a couple of days. And, yes, I did fill all the ice cube trays when a trip to the freezer revealed I’d be drinking my Vita Ice without actual ice. Really, it’s unreasonable to drink a product with “Ice” in the name if you’re not going to pour it over ice. And I put away the puzzle I finished two weeks ago, collapsed the card table, and put the sunroom to rights.

Now that I’ve done a full two hours worth of work, this retiree’s work day is done. Snow is falling again, the wind is blowing, and I’m still stuck in the house. But I’ve got John Sandford’s “Silken Prey” with which to scare myself silly on a cold winter’s day.

And that’s one of the best things about being retired.




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