Chita, we almost saw you

I was supposed to see Chita Rivera perform tonight, but a blizzard stranded her band in New York so she’s not performing tonight even though she’s already here in town.

I feel sorry for Viterbo, where she was to perform, and for the people holding tickets to this special night of theater.

But I am luckier than most of those ticket holders because I got to see Chita Rivera on Broadway.

It was 1984 and the show was Kander and Ebb’s “The Rink.”

I admit I was going mostly to see Liza Minnelli. Even though Minnelli wasn’t a particular favorite of mine, she seemed like someone I should see if I got the chance simply because of her star power — kind of like seeing Tina Turner, Prince,The Rolling Stones or The Beatles if that opportunity came my way. (Two out of four isn’t bad — I did see Tina and the Stones.)

I still feel I haven’t seen Liza Minnelli even though I was sitting fifth row center. Liza’s performance was so lackluster that I could barely hear her.

There’s a good reason for that. Liza went into rehab a week after I saw her in “The Rink.”

But Chita was a blast of fabulousness and it’s no surprise she won the Tony that year, even though she was up against her co-star and some pretty impressive competition that included Bernadette Peters.

I don’t know what she would have been like in a one-woman show at the age of 80, but I’m guessing I would have had no trouble hearing her.

I wish her good luck on the rest of her tour. Now I’m going to go watch videos of her on YouTube.



One thought on “Chita, we almost saw you

  1. Coincidence. I just finished “Silken Prey” yesterday. I’m betting I’ve read at least a dozen of that author’s books, although I’m wishing he’d quit using Prey in the title. Having a hard time remembering which ones I’ve read. Another coincidence. Saw Chita in “Chicago” in Vegas, I think, maybe eight years ago. A talented granny.

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