That’s the way to say goodbye

Jay Leno bids farewell to his 22-year career as “Tonight Show” host tonight.

And he’s doing it with style.

Jay was never my first choice for late-night viewing. That was David Letterman.

But in recent weeks, it has been touching, if somewhat repetitive, to see the cavalcade of celebrities come to pay homage to Jay one last time.

Since most of us don’t get that kind of farewell celebration, it has been poignant to watch Jay Leno bid farewell to a job he wasn’t ready to leave.

Many of us know that feeling. At the top of the game, never feeling better, the corporation kicked us out. It was all numbers and the numbers dictated we had to go.

But not so with Jay. He was usually number one in his time spot and still was as these last weeks came to a close.

Should you really be kicking to the curb a guy who is so obviously beloved by the people who sit in the guest chairs. And who is so obviously beloved by viewers?

I don’t understand how these decisions are made. Certainly they are not made by people who are wiser than the rest of us because many of these decisions appear to be just plain idiotic.

Still, since he had to go, Jay decided to do it his way and booked his favorite guests for one return visit.

I wish all of us could have that experience but since most of us can’t, I’m glad Jay Leno could do it for us.

Good luck,Jay. They can take away the job, but they can’t take the funny away from you.


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