Oh, Canada

It’s time, Canada, to get over the sulks and stop sending arctic blasts our way.

Usually, Canadians are considered a friendly sort, but I’m thinking we did something really bad to them of which I’m unaware. They just won’t forgive us. How else to explain the unrelenting Polar Vortex?

When I was walking on Friday, it was blue skies and sunshine, but there was still a wind chill of 9 degrees below zero.

That’s not right.

It looks more like the beginning of January than the middle of February around here. That’s because none of our towering snow banks have been given the opportunity to melt down a bit. This year’s idea of a January thaw was 10 degrees below zero and that doesn’t melt snow.

Even when the weather guys have predicted fair weather, I feel I’ve been suckered. I launch out onto the neighborhood sidewalks only to be slapped in the face with another icy gust of wind. I guess the danger of frostbite is gone so that’s considered fair weather nowadays.

That’s not right and it’s your fault, Canada.  So knock  it off.

Whatever we did, we’re sorry, Whatever we said, we apologize. What ever dumb joke we made about Canadians, we take it back.

Now take back your Polar Vortex and head back north.

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