Giving it up

I’ve decided to give up the Polar Vortex for Lent.

Sure, I could do something more usual and easier. I used to focus on being kinder to at least one person at work. Since I’m retired, that won’t work.

I could cut out snacking. But I already planned to do that.

But it is obvious to me that all my fervor and concentration should be on giving up the Polar Vortex.

I was moved to this decision by a graph I saw on the NBC Nightly News. While Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel talked about the frozen Great Lakes and the delay of meteorological spring, I stared at a graph showing dark blue swirls covering Wisconsin. The forecast was for cold, cold and then more cold.

I have decided that is not acceptable.

No more complaining about 6 degrees below zero with a wind chill of 30 below. I can’t make it go away, but I can ignore it.

No more complaining about snow and the icy ruts on my driveway. I can’t melt it, but I can just drive over it.

No more complaining about bulky winter jackets and my reluctance to set foot outdoors. It’s going to be mind over matter and I’m going outside.

No, I won’t suddenly take up cross country skiing. But I will make myself return to daily walks. I will run errands even when the thought of going out makes me shiver.

It’s time to take this Polar Vortex by the throat and show it who’s boss.

And that, of course, would be the Polar Vortex. But at least we both know it now and I can act accordingly.


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