March of the sweaters

It is time for the March of the Sweaters.

This year, more than any in recent memory,  I am ready to pack away the tired wardrobe of winter. And in March, the longest month of winter, I start doing so by wearing all my winter sweaters one last time.

Goodbye snowflakes and snowmen. Goodbye pine trees and poinsettias. I will wear each of you one last time before folding you neatly away and carrying you up to the guest room’s dresser. There, you will sit quietly as we swelter through summer and dance into fall until you make an appearance again in November. I’d like to think I could wait until December to unearth you again, but I have a feeling I will need your cozy comfort come November.

Some of those sweaters are not making the trip back upstairs. Instead, they are going to a thrift store so they might warm some else’s winter. They were mistakes — too red, too thick, too filled with snowmen. Whatever their fault, I hope the next owner will enjoy them.

For now, I am contemplating the t-shirts of spring and summer. Alas, even with this delightful March thaw, it is too early for that. But as I make room in my dresser drawers, t-shirts bring the promise of May days spent in the garden, or refinishing projects in the garage, or walks through the neighborhood as I sniff for the scent of lilacs.

So keep marching sweaters. It’s time for you to go.


One thought on “March of the sweaters

  1. This is the winter that won’t leave, and I’ll bet you will be wearing all of your sweaters more than one last time. You perhaps will be wearing all of them at the same time. Turn your furnace up, put out some munchies for your bunnies, and read your seed catalogs again

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