And for a moment we tasted spring

Tonight, I will fall asleep breathing in the sweet scent of spring.

In the morning, I will awake to winter’s return.

That’s the way March is. And in Wisconsin, when March delivers 51 degrees, we’ve got no choice but to enjoy every second of it.

I tried to do that on my bike today only to discover my air compressor had given up the ghost and those winter-flat tires weren’t taking me anywhere. So I wheeled the bike back into the garage and looked around at the melting snow. Hmm, I just had to celebrate spring.

So I stripped the bed, popped the linens in the washer, and then trudged through the snow-ice mixture to the backyard and hung my sheets on the line. There was just enough warmth and wind to blow out the moisture and seal in the heady aroma of March.

Spring doesn’t get any fresher than March. When you get a spring day in March, you know it’s here but for a moment and its fresh, raw enthusiasm has to be captured immediately or lost until the next whim of Mother Nature.

And that will be true of this March day. But at least I can drift to sleep inhaling the sweet, wild scent of March and dream of long spring days to come.


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