In the garden

I am in the garden and life is good.

For me, it’s not spring until I’m weeding and today I pulled my first weeds.

I had already raked out the garden beds and toted trash cans full of leaves to the compost pile. But today, a few hours after it stopped raining, I got out my kneeling pad and started really cleaning up the front garden. This is slow work and I don’t mind that at all. If gardening has taught me anything, it is patience. And that’s something that has always been in short supply for me.

But no matter how you hurry, a garden sets its own pace. Bulbs come up when bulbs are ready to come up. Plants green up when they get enough heat and rain. And weeds, well weeds will grow just about anytime and anywhere.

But that’s OK in the spring because there is nothing I want to do more than to work in the garden.

With each weed I pull, the garden gets healthier and looks better. And weeding allows me a close up look at tiny green shoots I would never notice without bending down.

I know I will weary of weed pulling, but I think that weariness is weeks away. I anxiously waited through too many cold, snowy days to regret any of the time spent on my knees with my garden-gloved hands in the soil, tugging at quack grass. With each clump of weeds dispatched, the garden grows more toward my wintertime dreams of it.

The garden still has much to teach me. I am, as always, the impatient gardener. If strength of will could force a daffodil up and out of the ground, then my boulevard would be in full bloom right now.

Alas, it is not so.  I must settle for the tiny blue Siberian squill that pushed up through mulch to remind me that blues are just as lovely as any other color in a springtime garden.

The lilacs are in bud, the tulip leaves are unfolding, and the creeping phlox is greening up.

I am in the garden and life is good.



2 thoughts on “In the garden

  1. I’m a believer. I feel like I am a different person because of gardening. I can’t think of a better example of delayed gratification.

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