A spiritual bouquet

I am sending my mom a spiritual bouquet.

You Catholics out there know what I’m talking about. This usually happened for Mother’s Day, which is in May and the month when Mary is honored with May Crowning. That was a very big deal for this Catholic family because we belonged to Queen of Angels Catholic Church and we were pretty much all about Mary.

Since it’s still May, I decided to take a break from weeding my actual garden to pick a bouquet of prayers for Mom.

In order to put this bouquet together, the person who intends to pray promises Hail Marys, Our Fathers and a Mass or two to be said in honor of the recipient of the bouquet.

I can honestly say Mom preferred this gift to any gravy boat or salt shaker set we would have otherwise given her. I’m pretty sure she thought we didn’t pray enough so our elaborately decorated cards promising to pray were always welcome.

I hadn’t thought about this for years but my sister Therese called today and said Mom was feeling poorly. So I called Mom and she did indeed sound weak and tired.

I promised to pray for her even though, “You prayers are much stronger than mine, Mom.”

“Oh, no,” she replied, with more pep her voice. “All prayers are good.”

I guess that’s something the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration know a little bit about as they continue to pray around the clock day after day, year after year.

So, Mom, I’m sending you a spiritual bouquet. I won’t draw the card because, really, my artwork hasn’t improved much from fourth grade. But add my heart-felt Hail Marys to your own and get a good night’s sleep and I hope you end up on the road to recovery.


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