S’mores, siblings and so long

Anyone else notice the incessant Dairy Queen commercials for s’mores? It seems like they are on at every commercial break.
So it’s maybe not so surprising that my sister Therese asked me if I would like to have s’mores when I came to visit over the Fourth of July.
“We could build a bonfire and toast marshmallows,” she said, knowing I am not a lover of evenings outdoors with the bugs.
“I haven’t had s’mores in 40 years,” I said. “I’m willing to give it a try.”
Well, the bugs were out in force, the fire was much too hot, but that first gooey bite was worth the effort. With bombs bursting in air all around us, we munched our way back to childhood memories and then doused the fire to go sit in the air conditioned house.
The next day, we were having a going-away gathering for my sister Kathy and her family as they were bound for Texas where her husband had found a job. We all brought our own food to grill, but in the aftermath of much munching and visiting, my sister Peggy said, “I brought the makings for s’mores.”
Well, I’m polite, so out of concern for Peggy’s feelings, I had my second s’more in 40 years.
I’m guessing it will be a good long while before I have another s’more. I don’t build bonfires in my tiny backyard and I can’t remember the last time I bought graham crackers and marshmallows.
Still, just biting into one all these many decades later brought back memories of camping with my family, hikes up bluffs, and long car rides to just about every state park in Minnesota.
I hope Kathy carries some of those Same memories with her to Texas. It might make her feel a little bit closer to all of us when the Lone Star state feels just a little bit lonely.

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