Things are looking up

Ever since a crew of roofers descended upon my house last week, I’ve been looking up — and around and down. And I’ve been noticing all the things I don’t usually notice.
I’ve noticed there are a couple of houses in the neighborhood that really need new shingles. Now that I sit smugly protected by 30-year shingles, I pity those whose shingles are curling and crumbling. And my newly tuckpointed chimney is a thing of beauty to behold.
A couple houses in the neighborhood are getting new siding. One even had a new walkway installed. Good for you all you home improvers.
There has been all sorts of upheaval on city boulevards. The trees that tipped in the last big storm are gone, but their roots and the surrounding ripped-up sod remain as reminders of what once was there.
On Cass Street, a fir tree has completely died. It’s sporting not a single needle. I noticed this because I had to dig up my weeping pussy willow recently which had mysteriously died along with my two purple sand cherry bushes. So my house is handsomely topped off but the yard looks a bit bare as I search for replacements for the dearly departed.
Meanwhile, I’m relaying brick paths and preparing to lay a stone patio in the backyard.
I laugh when people ask how retirement is going because I’ve never been busier. There aren’t enough days in the week to accomplish all the projects I have lined up. I now wonder how I managed to live my life when 40 hours of the week was devoted elsewhere. How did I find time to grocery shop, mow the lawn and do the laundry?
Well, I’ve got a table to refinish so I’m off to the garage. Be sure to look up at your roof to check to see that it’s got you covered. I don’t want to be the only protected one when the next storm hits.

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