Just for the taste of it

Post this as a win against technology.
For weeks, I have been trying to download a coupon sent by Coca-Cola as a reward for saving points from 12 packs I buy.
Nothing worked.
Finally, the “help” center said I would have to contact the email administrator.
Has anyone ever tried to find an email address for gmail? And if you have one, could you please pass it along.
I never found it. But Coke refused to help me anymore until I had contacted gmail and set things right in my inbox.
With both me and my sister Therese hitting the research, we still couldn’t figure it out. But we fiddled with some settings, canceled a default email, and I emailed the Coca-Cola people that I had indeed contacted the administrator and everything was dandy now.
Turns out, I was right.
It took them three days, but today I got a link to download the coupon and it worked.
Did I find the Help Center helpful? No. But at least this is mission accomplished and the evil technology has been vanquished but will certainly regroup and live to fight another day.
As a bonus, Therese figured out how to make folders in gmail, which I had been told was impossible. It’s as if we became IT people overnight.
Well, maybe only she did. But I still type faster than she does.

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