The odds are

My days are numbered — and so are yours.

I’m not sure when this happened, but my life seems to be totally ruled by numbers.

It wasn’t always like that.

Growing up, I only really needed to know two numbers — our street address and our telephone number. With those two numbers, I knew where to be and who to call if I got in trouble.

When I turned 16, I got my social security number. Perhaps that’s when the downhill slide began.

If it had only been that one hard-to-memorize nine-digit number, I would have been fine. After all these years, it is tattooed on my brain.

But then a little thing called computers came along and numbers have been ruling and punishing us ever since.

Mostly those numbers beat us up in the form of passwords. I have one for facebook, for online surveys, for my retirement account … it goes on and on. I almost had a password for my personal computer but I pleaded with my computer guy to bypass that somehow. I am the only person who uses this computer so why would I need to password protect it? The only person it would be protected from gaining access to the computer would be me because I keep a list of my passwords on — you guessed it — my computer. It’s in an email file.

As Sister Georgia would tell you if you were to ask, I was never good with numbers, even as far back as eighth grade. Once I got past addition, subtraction and long division, I was in a hell hole that I’ve never been able to climb out of.

I have numbers for the IRS, numbers for cholesterol and blood pressure and, worst of all, numbers for, a group that just can’t get enough numbers from me no matter how many I send. I’m pretty sure that is affecting my blood pressure numbers.

I prefer words. So I’m giving numbers a break for a while and I’m picking up an espionage book. There are probably numbers in there, too, but the spies will have to memorize them while I go along for the ride.

My blood pressure should be just fine.

One thought on “The odds are

  1. Just now catching up on your columns of the past month or so. I agree with you on numbers. Perhaps that’s a trait of all of us who end up as writers/reporters:)

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