Here comes the sun

I am a big fan of autumn — the crunch of leaves, the fresh bite to the air, and the last days of bike riding.

But today the appeal of spring was undeniable.

I was dressed too warmly for my afternoon walk. Yes, dressed too warmly.

Last week I was watching the weather forecast to find time during the day when I could walk when the windchill was above zero. Today, I was dressed too warmly and hopping over muddy puddles as streams of water trickled ever faster to the storm drains at the end of the blocks.


I had to unwind my scarf, pull off my gloves, doff my hat and unzip my fleece vest. Even then,  I was too warm. Yes, too warm.

And the forecast looks so good that I am contemplating backing my trust old Schwinn out of the garage and pumping up the tires for my first spring spin around the neighborhood. Yes, I’m thinking about riding my bike. Not like one of those hardy winter bike riders. This will be one of those it’s-too-warm-not-to-ride-my-bike event.

Thank you, Spring, for not torturing us as you did last year. We deserve this. We’re good people. Well, we’re good enough people and we deserve SPRING.


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