It’s tool time

I have always loved tools.

As a kid, I would volunteer to clean the garage without asking my Dad’s permission.  Then he would get bent out of shape because he couldn’t find anything.

I didn’t understand it then, but I do now.

Tools are personal. Without the right ones, you can’t create what you see in your head.

Heck, even with the right ones, I sometimes can’t do that.

This week, all I wanted to do was make a 10-inch-long cut on a piece of plywood to make a drawer bottom. No problem, or so I thought.

First I whipped out the jigsaw. But for some reason, the blade falls out the minute it touches wood. I’ve been using that saw for over a year and never had that problem until this week. Now, no matter how firmly I ram in that saw blade, it will not stay where I put it.

So fine, I decided to use my dad’s old table saw. The blade has gotten really dull, but it was just a 10-inch cut so I figured I could power through.

After 15 seconds, I blew out the power to the power strip. So I quickly shut that down.

OK, how about my miter saw? After a few painful tugs through the wood, it was obvious that wasn’t going to work very well.

So as a last resort, I grabbed my old hand saw. I probably bought it when I bought the house and hadn’t used it since.

Now I know why.

At first grip, the plastic handle crumbled to pieces in my hand. Seriously — into tiny little plastic bits.

But there was enough to grab onto so I could finally saw my way through the rest of the board.

At least I don’t have any trouble with power sanders.  One crazy day at auction, I got it into my head to buy any power tool that came up on the block. I ended up with three belt sanders and three palm sanders.

Maybe that explains where I came up with the splinter I just dug out of my index finger.



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