Spring’s perfume

I just got a big gulp of the best perfume on earth and I didn’t have to pay a penny.
It is finally raining and the scent that it releases is like no other on earth.
It’s a mixture of composted leaves, fresh cut grass and the lilacs, tulips and irises that have already begun to open.
It is so fresh that if they were to put it in a bottle for sale, it would be too costly to purchase.
But it is ours for free. So every half hour or so, I go to the front door, open it, and just take deep breaths. I watch the lightning crackle over the Minnesota bluffs and the thunder rumble across the river for our dousing here in Wisconsin.
It’s even better this time around because this is happening at night and there is something magical about night-time rain.
It’s a considerate rain, allowing us to do our gardening and other outside projects in the daylight before loosing all that damp goodness on us.
It’s a spectacular rain, accompanied by brief lightning flashes and the grumble rumble of thunder.
And in the morning, more tulips will open, the lilacs will add to the perfume and the grass will grow just a little bit taller.
Think I’ll open the front door for one more good breath or two because this doesn’t happen often enough.

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