In the garden

I am in the garden, and life is good.
That’s because my sister Therese and I met at Mom’s in Austin to do a makeover of a wild patch of white geraniums.
The day was all about digging and planting and laying pavers.
But it was also about spending time with Mom and making her very happy. Therese worked on a puzzle with her, I identified the insecticides in her garden shed and, best of all from Mom’s point of view, found a dandelion killer that had been sitting in the shed ever since Dad died nearly 20 years ago. I have a feeling I know what she will be doing on Friday.
Part of the fun was taking Mom plant shopping. It’s a lot more fun to pick out plants when someone else is footing the bill and she had money from our sister Peg and then Therese and I paying for everything else. And then it was back to the garden for plenty of planting.
Her own garden is filled with things we could move and replant and that’s just what we did, moving Siberian iris, lilies and Autumn Joy into premier spots where Mom can see them out the kitchen window when she’s washing dishes.
Therese was the general in charge because she’s focused, she has a plan, and has a way of pulling me back from the edge of my garden wandering.
Every time Mom would invite to look at some plant she wanted me to identify, I would hear the call back to work: “Geri, weren’t you going to load the bricks into the wheelbarrow?” “Geri, weren’t you going to dig up a lily?” “Geri, we are only working on this one garden.”
She was right every time, but I’m used to a more laid back approach when Mom and I garden as a duo. We both like to rest a lot. Therese soldiers on as if Hitler’s troops are advancing on the garden and we have only this one moment in time to finish building our horticultural armaments.
Therese is right, of course, because after supper we piled into our vehicles and drove separate directions back home, our gardening tasks all accomplished. And both of us were carrying pots of johnny-jump-ups from Mom.
I’m guessing Therese’s little Johnnys will be planted with precision before she goes onto other pursuits tomorrow. Me, I’ll probably meander around the yard for an hour or two before I find a place to plop them.
Unless, of course, I find something else to distract me.
Hey, no matter where we are or what we are doing tomorrow, we were all in the garden together today, so life is good.

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