Hot enough for ya?

Is it hot enough for ya?

Yeah, I already know the answer.

In a couple of months we’ll be muttering about howling winds, bitter cold and too much snow. But, for now, we are obsessed with the heat index.

Or maybe I don’t speak for all of us. I just know I am obsessed with the weather.

Years ago, in my letter-writing years (yes, actually putting pen to paper), my brother Tom would tell me that every letter I wrote him included some reference to the weather. I became self-conscious about it and stopped mentioning how hot or cold I was, but I still kept thinking about it.

Maybe I think about it so much because it dictates how my day will progress. On a hot day like yesterday where the heat index hit 98 (I like to use the heat index number because it’s so much scarier sounding than the actual temperature), all I did was pop in and out of the garage to work on a few projects. I was never out there for more than a few minutes.

When it’s a wonderful 71 degrees and breezy, I bike longer, I walk greater distances and I putter happily around the yard. Sometimes it just feels good to walk around the garden, pulling a weed here and there, finding a stake to prop up a drooping New England aster, or retrieving a garden tool abandoned where I last weeded. Puttering becomes my main occupation in nice weather and along the way I manage to get quite a bit accomplished.

But when the heat index hits 98 degrees, I feel as trapped in the house as I do when the wind chill measures 30 degrees below zero.

So, yes, I am constantly switching to the Weather Channel to check out how comfortable or uncomfortable I’ll be if I step outside. That’s who I am, Tom, so consider this your letter with my update on the weather.

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