I am a techno-dummy

I apologize.

There are many things I could apologize for, but today’s apology is for my admitted lack of skill and interest in technology — specifically in social media.

It seems that in the last year, 193 people have tried to connect with me on Linked In, but I didn’t know it because I never link.

I discovered this because there was a little button on top of inbox that said “social.” When I clicked on it, there were 525 messages from Linked In, responses to my blog, GoodReads news and Pinterest notifications. And the Graphic Fairy has been sending tons of clip art that I had not seen until today. I had this whole other phantom inbox I didn’t know existed.

For the last hour and a half, I’ve been catching up, accepting links (Yes, Susan T. Hessel and Richard Mial, we should now be Linked in), not that it will do me much good. I can’t promise I’ll check for social media contacts frequently. I can promise I will do it more than once a year, though, which would be improving the odds drastically.

I figured if I kept up on Facebook, that was work enough for one woman. Evidently, it is not.

While I’ve been missing from Linked In, people have been recommending me for my talents. It also says I’m a reporter-columnist for the La Crosse Tribune. I don’t know how to change that to retired, even though Linked In sent me a message saying that editing would be easy. So one thing I’ve established is that Linked In lies.

One of my most treasured parts of being retired is not being forced to learn new technologies. When I got a new TV, my sister Therese set it up for me. She even set up my new landline phone and when it comes time to replace my basic cell phone, she’ll be the one helping me pick a new one and then she’ll program it.

When I couldn’t install my own router, Charter did it for me.

When I get messages from my computer I don’t understand, I delete them.

I know everyone worries about privacy for their information on the Internet. I’m not as worried as some. I don’t bank online. I don’t pay bills online. I don’t order anything online. I’m an offline gal in an online world and I’m hoping to keep it that way.

I have hope because this is not my first rodeo. When everybody started ditching their LPs for CDs, I held out. And lo, and behold, vinyl got hip again. I wasn’t about to buy all my favorite James Taylor, Rolling Stones, Beatles and the Association records on CD when they sounded just fine on the turntable.

I know everybody else is doing the i-tunes or Spotify or whatever it is called. Not me. I bought James Taylor’s new album on CD. Yes, I do have one of those new-fangled CD players, but I still have my turntable and my tape deck, too.

So go ahead and reply to this blog — I’ll try to read it. Link in with me and I’ll try to link back. Or just hit me up on Facebook. I’m going there right now to play some Candy Crush.

Yes, some of this new-fangled stuff is A-OK.

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