Snow, snow, snow

All right, already, enough with the snow.

By my estimates, which may be off by 130 inches, I’m pretty sure we got about 137 inches of snow today. My back will back me up on this and so will my knees and my shoulders.

Not only was I the first one in my neighborhood to shovel, when I went back out at midnight nobody else had started shoveling or snow blowing yet.

That’s pretty freaky because I am always the Geri-come-lately to the snow removal game. Ever since I retired, I’ve been a bit lackadaisical about grabbing a shovel and the old heave ho.

But on this snowy night, all the houses around me were dark and all the sidewalks were snow clogged. I guess everyone’s out of town for the holidays. Happy New Year, folks, when you come back to this mess.

So it took me nearly 45 minutes to clear my sidewalk and driveway. That’s with built-in time for resting, which I require every shovel full of snow or two. That’s why I like to do it in the dark so nobody will notice how long it takes the out-of-shape 60-year-old woman to clear away the snowfall.

When I finally shoveled back up to the mouth of the garage, thinking I was done, the motion detector light flicked on so that I could see what a horrible job I had done. Even with all-wheel drive, my car wouldn’t be backing out into that mess.

So I shouldered the shovel once more and just kept heaving the snow. The result is a narrow canyon for the Subaru. I’ve never been good at backing up in a straight line. This is the winter I will be forced into learning how.

I’m so tired I can barely move my arms to type.  Luckily, typing is really mostly wrist action, which is probably why I’ve always been good at it. If I had any other muscles in my body, I would say they all ache. But I’m pretty sure all I have left are bones and ligaments.

So I’m headed for the heating pad and a thriller. The rest of you can go out early in the morning and tackle Snowmageddon.

Oh, that’s right. The city snow plow hasn’t passed by yet, dropping it’s load of concrete snowbank in front of my freshly shoveled driveway.

See you out there tomorrow.



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