Tiptoe through my tulips

It is drizzling today.

That’s a good thing.

The word drizzle sounds nasty and depressing, but after a trio of April days in the Eighties, I couldn’t be happier with this slow release of raindrops and a drop in temperature.

That’s because the pink tulips popped into full pinkness this morning.

The squirrels got my daffodils years ago, but the tulips just keep popping in bright hues around the yard, reminding me of everything that is good about gardening.

Because the tulip is a bulb, you do the work once — planting it and watering it in — and then get years of enjoyment from it as this little work horse springs forth year after year when we need it most.

There will be other joys this gardening season — the scent of lilacs and lily of the valley, the glorious display of irises and the exuberance of New England asters in fall. But for this winter-weary Wisconsinite, nothing equals the tulips.

So keep on drizzling. There are more tulips yet to bloom.