Turn the radio up

I was breezing along Hwy. 16 today on the way back from a plant sale in Bangor when I was suddenly overtaken by the desire to turn the radio up.

These days, I often drive with no radio on. I pay attention to the road, I follow directions, and I think deep thoughts.

But today, in the first week of May, it was 91 degrees and I suddenly felt a little bit like 17 again. Maybe it’s because “Temptation Eyes” by the Grass Roots was playing. And as I sang along, I abandoned the air conditioning and rolled the window down. Because when you’re 17 and one of your favorite songs is playing, you have to drive with the window down.

I think it’s a rule — when you’re 17.

Surely you’ve driven next to a car with a barely legal driver at the wheel and you are treated to the rumble of bass and a song you don’t want to hear at all. But the driver of the car is sure the whole world wants to hear it.

That’s what you believe when you’re 17.

So “Temptation Eyes” accompanied me and the rest of traffic down the highway and let me relive my teenage years for a few minutes tonight.

Maybe I’ll sing a few choruses when I’m digging in the dirt on Saturday, trying to ignore my aching knees as I recapture that giddy feeling of youth.



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