Wasting away in Geezerville

I spent Saturday night cleaning the refrigerator inside and out, top to bottom, back to front, and the scary dark space where it sits.

Yes, I am officially a Geezer and I am wasting away in Geezerville. But I’ve got the cleanest dang fridge on the block.

I don’t know what made me decide to crawl down in front of the fridge and scrub out the grate, but that’s what I did, which just naturally moved me to do all sorts of other scrubbing and cleaning.

I know, normal folks do this every year. Well, I never claimed to be normal. I’m actually quite proud that I can get myself to do this every decade or so.

Along the way to the cleanest dang fridge on the block, I discovered a metal ladle, a variety of magnets, and an alphabet letter that once obviously adorned the fridge.

Because I cleaned off the small counter between the sink and the fridge, I also discovered a nearly empty bottle of hand sanitizer which was bequeathed to me by a retiring co-worker five years ago.

I immediately sanitized my hands and pledged to use up the bottle.

I also found two dried up containers that used to hold water to clean paintbrushes. The water is long gone but the hardened paintbrushes remain.

I even cleaned off the front of the fridge and was ruthless in deciding who goes and who stays in the picture gallery.

Tim, you and your family jumping up in the air get to stay because it’s just so darned kooky and I smile every time I look at. But the pictures of the girls being naughty and nice are ousted because they were taken to long ago. And even further in the past is your 2008 Christmas card. It’s cute, but it’s gone.

Becca, you’re out because it’s your high school graduation picture that’s been pinned up there for four years. You’re starting your teaching career now so I can’t have a picture of student Becca on the fridge.

Justin, your girls get to stay because they are so unbearably cute. It’s a reminder to me of the goodness in the world when I see their innocently good faces. (I know that’s just a pose, though, as they can be rascals.)

And, Mike, your Christmas card gets to stay because you look so darned happy. I like happiness so you’re up there until you send another great card to replace this one.

The fridge is now pushed back in place, sparkling in its snowy white cleanliness. It’s so clean I’m gagging on Clorox and Windex.

If that isn’t a good night in Geezerville, I don’t know what is.