Fall off the bike and get back on

I had the horrible feeling this morning that I had fallen off my bike and couldn’t get back on.

Had the people of America really chosen Donald Trump?

We did and I’m appalled. So I got on my bike and pedaled around the neighborhood, thinking about why this happened.

My conclusion is that there is still a glass ceiling against women in charge. Was Hillary Clinton warm and fuzzy? No. But she shouldn’t have to be. What she should be is capable and smart and intelligent and savvy in the ways of international affairs.

She is all of those things. But all Donald Trump had to do was start calling her “Corrupt Hillary” and the game was over. I guess voters were looking for an excuse.

It seems that Trump backers found it OK that he decided not to pay people who did construction work for him. If you or I decided to do that, we would be hauled into court.

Sure, Trump has built things — mostly homages to himself. If you’ve ever been to NYC and seen the glittering gold Trump Tower, you know what I mean.

He treats women badly, utters casually racist comments, and seems to think money is king. He treated his fellow presidential hopefuls so disrespectfully that some of them said they couldn’t even vote for him.

So what did the Average Joe see in him?

I really don’t know.

My guess is he’s never ridden a bike or walked a paper route. He’s probably never sold anything on Craig’s List or placed a want ad in the local newspaper (for him that would be the New York Times).

He hasn’t had to choose between health insurance and a house payment.He hasn’t limped along with an oil-belching car for just one more year because he couldn’t afford to trade it in.

Maybe I’m not the typical voter. I’m one of the few people in America who voted twice for Jimmy Carter. In my lifetime of voting, Carter is still my favorite president, mainly because he is such a good person. And through old age and illness, he’s still that same good person, building homes with Habitat for Humanity.

I’m guessing Trump would want a cut of the profits if he decided to work for that organization.

But life goes on so I’m still riding my bike, and I’m still cleaning up after my fabulous holiday sale. And like everyone else, I’m waiting to see what a Trump presidency is going to mean to this country.

But I’d feel better if he went for a bike ride.



2 thoughts on “Fall off the bike and get back on

  1. Sorry I’m so late with my reply. I’m also still in shell-shock about what is in store for our country. Your article is well-written (as always). There is no doubt in my mind that with the swing into the Advent season and the eventual celebration of our Savior’s birth there will be a genuine reflection on what this country really stands for — forgiveness, goodness and healing. Let’s hope so.

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