Going batty over mice

The war of the worlds has begun in the Parlin abode.

The mice have arrived with winter’s chill and they are battle ready. They have avoided snap traps, glue traps, and mouse-killing houses.

They are bold and relentless.

I’ve taken to stomping my feet and yelling whenever I approach the kitchen because that’s the only thing that sends them running for cover.

So far, I’ve taken one opponent off the field of play. He was caught in a glue trap and trying to wiggle his way off when I gloved up, grabbed a bag and shoveled him  out to the trash can.

But his troops have learned from his mistakes and have become emboldened by the thought that I cannot vanquish them. When I placed a snap trap near one of their escape routes down the side of the stove, they changed course and started running under the stove.

So I have just returned from Menards with more ammunition. A row of glue traps now sticks out from under the stove. Of course, that may do no good. Though I have bought the toughest glue traps I could find, I saw a mouse scamper across one, leaving no trail, as if there was no glue at all on the trap.

But I know there is plenty of glue because when I gloved up to move the glue trap to a new location, my glove caught on the glue and moved the trap and I fell over thinking I was being attacked by a mouse.

I didn’t say I was brave — just determined.

I hate mice, but I could live with them if they would stay in the basement where poison bait awaits them. But, no, last night one practically ran over my foot and 20 minutes later when I made an ill-advised trip back to the kitchen, he jumped from the sink to the floor and disappeared down the side of the fridge. And, of course, it was the side without a glue trap and he managed to avoid the mouse-killing house he had to dodge around to get to safety.

It’s as if the mouse-killing industry is luring the mice into the house so that I will make more supply runs for their products.

Well, it’s working. I know more about mouse-catching than I’d ever care to know.

Now, if the stuff would just work.



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