I’m making a list

I’m making a list and checking it twice.

Sure, there’s a Christmas list of things I have to get done before the big day arrives. But I also make lists when I travel, when I shop, when I go to the library. Heck, I made a list for Tuesday of all the things I want to accomplish.

List making is my way of getting things done. If I don’t put going to the notary” on a list, I will never go to the notary. (That’s why my durable power of attorney papers are still sitting on my desk after two months of meaning to do something with them. They are now on a list.)

I got in the habit of making lists when I worked at the La Crosse Tribune. No task was too small to put on the list. It was the small stuff, in fact, that needed to be listed the most because it was often the least satisfying. That band concert brief wasn’t going to get written if it wasn’t on my list.

The list evolved to include everything connected with work. When I got to my desk in the morning and cleared my voicemail and email, return calls and emails were put on the list.  Those were pretty easy and gave me something to mark off the list right away. The bonus was that I was always prompt in getting back to people with answers (or excuses).

Nowadays, I have things like laundry, groceries and bike rides on my list. I also add things like visits to the library. It’s not that I will forget to go to the library, because that’s high on my list of fun things to do.  But it is something I know I will do so I’ll be able to cross something off the list, which always gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Vacuuming stays on the list a lot longer.

Sometimes if I’ve accomplished a task I forgot to put the list, I add it afterward and then cross it off. I like to give myself credit for everything I do.

Right now, I think my list includes baking Christmas cookies and making the bed.

Hmm, if I make the bed, a wrinkle free night’s sleep ahead.

If I bake cookies,  happy chomping will be mine.

I better get baking.


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