I walk the line

I just wanted to hang my laundry on the line.

It’s a little thing, I think, in this day of high technology. But how great is it to put upon the bed a line-dried sheet straight from March winds or April breezes.

But the clothesline just wouldn’t cooperate.

When it first broke, I kind of understood and accepted. I had been using the same clothesline for 29 years. It probably figured it had done its service. So when I was at Dollar Tree later that day, I bought some rope. Wasn’t sure if it would work because it seemed kind of stretchy.

I was right to have reservations. My sheets stretched it to the ground.

So I bought something that was labeled “Clothesline.” I had other rope, but I wanted to get this right.

That, too stretched my laundry to the ground. So when my sister arrived for the weekend, I had her pull it taught because she is the strongest woman I know.

A week and a half later, it snapped in two. And the only things on it were two tablecloths and a dishrag.

So this time, I went to Ace Hardware (I highly recommend) and bought wire encased in plastic clothesline. Right now, my sheets are pinned to it and it seems likely they will stay off the ground.

Yes, I could have invested in a dryer when I had my laundry alcove built. (Celebrating its first year anniversary now.) But I never did buy a dryer when I moved out on my own and didn’t really see the need for one.

Besides, that’s something else to break down and I’ve got plenty that breaks down already.

Like my bike. I had a bike seat installed last year that I got in an auction lot. But something on it snapped and it was time to invest in a good bike seat. So I rode my wobbly bike to Smith’s Bikes (I highly recommend) and got the chain oiled and a new bike seat installed. The pedal home was delightful. My Schwinn and I will have many safe adventures this bike season.

I can’t say the same for my computer.  Yes, overnight, it decided it was broken. It does that a lot lately. So I kept choosing options of how to fix it and just choosing them over and over again. And once again, my computer fell for it and kind of fixed itself. I don’t know how long it will last but for now I have typing privileges, my bike is a pleasure to ride and sheets are flapping on my news clothesline.

For this moment, all is right in my world.