geri.parlin is back

For a brief while this morning, my handle was geriparlin2.

I hated it.

I got this new moniker because Gmail decided to not recognize my original email address and I couldn’t remember my password. So I gave in and went with this new, unimproved version of my email self.

It was like Geri Parlin Lite — no full-to-overflowing inbox, no contacts list. Even no annoying promotional emails.

Have I mentioned before that I hate technology?  I’m pretty sure I have but it bears repeating.

My IBM Selectric never made me identify myself before I sat down to pound its keys at 70 words per minute in my high school typing class. My old Remington didn’t care who was at the keyboard in the Tribune newsroom. It just knew it had to spit out a headline in two minutes or less or we weren’t going to make deadline.

Just when I settle into some technology niche that I foolishly think I’ve conquered, some gnome out in Internet Land sends a command to me that I can’t understand and everything stops working.

But I fooled you, Gmail, because I remembered my password while I was showering away my technology angst and I’m back to my original snarky self. Geri.Parlin is back and she’s not going anywhere … until you kick her off again with some other technology wizardry.