Oh, Christmas tree

I know some of you decry the too-early celebration of all things Yuletide.

Too bad. Here’s another celebration.

Amidst all the political angst, the too-soon cold weather and the problems of the world, I rejoice in all things glittery, merry and bright.

Tonight, after finally clearing up most of the debris of my holiday sale, I started putting up my own holiday decorations, including my vintage aluminum tree. I like to do this in stages so tonight I assembled the tree and festooned it with glass bead garland. The ornaments can wait. For now, I enjoy the tree with garlands, knowing much holiday sparkle is yet to come.

So turn off the radio when you hear “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” It’s obnoxious and I won’t listen to it, either. But do listen to anything Amy Grant sings. She has a heavenly voice and even Yuletide complainers might enjoy her.

Go ahead and avoid all the Black Friday sales. I don’t go to them and neither should you if you hate all that commercialism. Instead, make yourself a hot chocolate and stir it with a peppermint candy cane — delicious.

And if you’re still grumpy about it, go ahead and be grumpy. But please don’t begrudge the rest of us the joy this season brings. In the dark and the cold, I’m going to enjoy my holiday decorations.

Merry Christmas and all the other holiday greetings that are appropriate for you.



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