Technology to the rescue

As anyone who knows me is aware, I don’t like technology.

I guess, more than anything, I just don’t understand it. I can’t bend it to my will, I can’t coax it to be reasonable, I can’t rely on it.

But technology and my nephew, T.J. Parlin, rode to the rescue tonight when I couldn’t reach my mom on either of her phones.

I figured she had knocked the phone off the hook on her landline (which she had), but she also wasn’t answering her cell phone. I emailed her, but had not heard back. So I tried one last thing — I broadcast her plight on Facebook.

Facebook is the equalizer. It reaches out to people whose phone numbers and email addresses you don’t possess. It’s the town crier of the modern age, and it can work wonders when someone puts out a call.

Within a short time, my mom’s one grandchild who lives in town went over to her house to let her know she had a problem with the phone. Then he and his daughter took a selfie with Grandma. I’m pretty sure that was her first selfie ever and how nice it was to see them all on Facebook and to get a call from Mom to let me know the phone problem was fixed.

So, thanks, T.J., for always looking out for your Grandma. Thanks, Facebook, for sending out the call for help. And thanks, Mom, for calling back so I could hear your voice. I’m feeling a little friendlier  toward technology tonight.



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