Yesterday, I went on an Odyssey of Old.

It started with a notice from the post office to pick up a letter. Turns out it was a letter about some retirement money from my early days at the Tribune and Met Life wanted to give it to me.

But before they could give it to me, I had to call them and then agree to fill out the 12-page form they were going to send to me. I hate forms, but if there is one thing I’ve discovered about OLD is that it involves lots of forms.

Next, I called my new drug provider because after filling out many forms with my insurance agent, I had discovered I could fill those prescriptions cheaper at Wal-Mart. So thinking I’d wield my new drug card with some savvy, I called to ask if they administered shingles shots so I could do two things at once.

“Yes, but we have a year’s waiting list.”

Yikes, I only had three months left to get my second in the series so I called my old pharmacy and they said they had it. So off I went to Walgreens where I had to fill out some more forms and show my drug card. I have three medical cards now that I’m on Medicare but none of these seemed right. So I went scurrying home to contact my insurance agent. (I think Jody’s going to be hearing a lot from me this year.) She assured me that I had the right drug card and if that didn’t work I was going to have to pay cash.

So back to Walgreens I went, showed my card, and ended up paying $180. (I declined the offer of a pneumonia vaccine which I was told I needed because I am OLD.) I needed to remind myself that I had been eager to get on Medicare, thinking everything would be more simple.

Continuing on this now fatiguing Odyssey of Old, I headed toward Wal-mart. Yes, they could fill my prescriptions but there would be a 10-minute delay on one of them.

“Why don’t you shop while you wait,” suggested the pharmacy guy.

Of course. Isn’t that why they put pharmacies inside department stores?

Sure enough, I wandered by a pillow display and decided to purchase a fluffy pillow, then got back in line for the pharmacy.

Three hours after all of this I made it home, took one look at that pillow, and decided it was time to take a nap.


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