The Impeached Geri Parlin

For a few hours today, it felt like I was on the debate stage in Nevada.

As is usual for me, I had spilled out my ire against Trump on Facebook and the usual cast of those who agree showed up in the comment section.

But so did some who disagreed.

And I’m OK  with a difference of opinion as long as those who disagree deal in facts and are not disagreeable.

But they weren’t civil and they weren’t factual. One disagreeable fellow in particular was calling me out for a review I wrote in the La Crosse Tribune three decades ago.

Now I know how Michael Bloomberg feels about having to defend himself for Stop and Frisk.

I admitted the disagreeable one had a point about that review and I apologized — something the Impeached Trump has never done. But, as is often the case with those who disagree, they would not stop. They just kept pounding. So for the first time since I joined Facebook about a decade ago, I blocked two people. That was hard for me to do because I’m a big believer in the First Amendment.

But I decided I didn’t have to put up with this on my feed. I took 36 years of slings and arrows as a reporter and reviewer and for that time I swallowed all my well-written but cruel retorts to those vile letter writers and let the readers cover me in unanswered acrimony.

I didn’t even threaten to rip anyone’s head off. That was my favorite threat to my sister Therese when we were kids. It wasn’t effective in my teen-age years because Therese was stronger and probably knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t rip her head off. And in my adult years, I realized it was inappropriately violent to make that threat.

Instead, I unfriended. So I have two less friends — make that one. The other guy wasn’t even on my friends list. Let them spew venom on their own feeds if they so desire. If they do, I won’t know about it and can’t threaten to rip their heads off.

A win for both sides.


3 thoughts on “The Impeached Geri Parlin

  1. Politics is probably a subject that should be kept off of Facebook for everyone’s peace of mind. People have strong opinions and it is easy to get tempers to flare. Probably better to get political messages out by person to person contact but hopefully not at family gatherings. A pastor once told me to never let anyone take away your joy. Sometimes silence is golden. Be happy everyone and at peace. Kind of makes me want to watch a few episodes of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood to calm me down.

  2. Yes, arguing politics is one bad egg. Long ago I have gone the silent route, and perhaps have avoided several “divorces,” especially with kin. Best to live by the adage (I think the following is one): “This, too, shall pass.”

  3. I stand by my right to post what I want on my Facebook page. I don’t use vile language and the person I most harangue is the impeached president. I’m pretty sure he’s not reading my postings so I’m good to go. Everyone else, go post your thoughts on your own pages.

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